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Welcome to the IBM Mono2Micro Early Release Program

Mono2Micro is an AI-driven utility for semi-automatically transforming Java monoliths to microservices.  Typical approaches to refactoring  Java apps require high skill level and knowledge of existing code.  They are time consuming and error prone. No simple non-disruptive and economical approach is presently available.

Our approach

Our approach is a semi-automated transformation utility that assists architects in properly transforming monoliths to full (or partial) microservices without rewriting the entire application.

Mono2Micro uses machine learning and deep learning on the runtime analyses of monoliths to arrive at microservice recommendations based on business logic seams. It also considers inter-class containment data dependencies obtained during static analyses of monoliths to arrive at microservice recommendations based on natural seams. Mono2Micro automatically generates APIs and the necessary supporting code to realize the suggested recommendations into stand-alone micro-services.

Microservices architecture offers a wide variety of benefits

Microservices architecture principles are built around high flexibility and resiliency. These two characteristics allow changes to be quickly promoted.

Microservices being smaller and more lightweight can shorten the learning curve for new developers. Microservices can also help eliminate heavy loading and running issues, encourage the introduction of break-through changes, and, as a result, help increase productivity and innovation.


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